Cruise For Burritos 🚢

PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR 2024 Cruising For Burritos Fundraising Cruise ON NOVEMBER 1-4, 2024!

Royal Caribbean – Navigator of the Seas

The Burrito Project Fundraising Cruise Sails From Los Angeles (San Pedro) to Ensenada, Mexico, and back to LA aboard the Royal Caribbean, Navigator of the Seas! 🌯 🚢 🍹

There is so much to CELEBRATE, so bring your family and friends with you as we sail the Pacific Ocean and help raise money for The Burrito Project.

All you need is $200 to secure your cabin. When you join the Burrito Project Group Booking by March 15th, 2024, you will receive $50 Onboard Credit. Your Final Payment is due by August 9, 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: When you JOIN the Burrito Project Group Booking you will get some EXTRA GIFTS as a token of our appreciation. Thank you in advance!

(More details are below).

There is a lot of information on this page. I did my best to answer any questions I thought you might have. If you have additional questions, I’m happy to help you. ~ Alan

When Is The Burrito Project Fundraising Cruise?

  • November 1-4, 2024
  • Friday 11 am – Monday 9 am

I’m Ready To Book My Cabin. What Do I Need To Do Next?

To help us with our FUNDRAISING goal, your cabin needs to be added to the Burrito Project Group Booking. I can do this for you, or you can call the Royal Caribbean Groups Department and chat with them directly. They are wonderful and can book your cruise as well as take care of your payment.

  • Call 800-465-3595 (Royal Caribbean Groups Department)
    • PRESS #5 (adding to an Established Group)
    • Groups Department Hours
      • 6 am – 4 pm PST
  • Booking Name: Burrito Project
  • Booking Number: 3589540

Please Note:

  • There is NO EXTRA CHARGE to join the Burrito Project Group Booking.
  • Each cabin within the Burrito Project Group Booking will help us donate 200+ burritos to Skid Row.
  • Receive $50 Onboard Credit when you join the Burrito Project Group Booking by March 15th, 2024.
  • When you book your cabin through the Burrito Project Group Bookingyour deposit is fully refundable before August 9, 2024.
  • If you booked directly through Royal Caribbean, your reservation is eligible to be transferred to the Burrito Project Group Booking.
  • If you booked your cruise through a travel agency, it may not be eligible to be added to the Burrito Project Group Booking, but you can still help our Fundraiser by purchasing a Burrito Project T-shirt, Burrito Project Ball Cap, or making a tax-deductible donation to The Burrito Project.

Please BOOK NOW To Lock In Your Pricing!

  • We picked the most economical weekend of the year, so this cruising date may be booked quickly.
  • If you’re leaning towards going on the cruise, I suggest that you book today with your $200 fully refundable deposit and you’ll receive $50 onboard credit for use on the ship during your cruise.
    • If circumstances change and you can no longer join the cruise, your deposit is fully refundable.
    • If you book your cruise after March 15th, 2024, the $50 onboard credit promotion may no longer be available.
  • Cabin Prices are subject to change and tend to get more expensive as it gets closer to the November 1st cruise sail date.
  • When you book through the Group Reservation, you lock in your cabin pricing.
    • If the prices go up, WIN for you!
    • If the prices go down, you will receive a credit for the difference in pricing. WIN-WIN for YOU!

How Do I Book My Cabin?

  • Call 800-465-3595 (Royal Caribbean Groups Department)
    • PRESS #5 (adding to an existing group)
    • Groups Department Hours
      • 6 am – 4 pm PST
  • Booking Number: 3589540
  • Booking Name: Burrito Project

How Much Are The Cabins?


What Do I Need To Book My Cruise?

  • A passport 🛃
  • $200 deposit per cabin.
    • The balance is due by August 9, 2024.

Can I Book My Cruise Directly Through The Royal Caribbean Website?

  • The BEST way is to Book through a LIVE Group Agent through the number above.
  • Yes! This is the 2nd best way to book your cruise. As long as you book directly through this link or the Royal Caribbean website, you can be added to The Burrito Project Group Booking.
  • For your convenience, I can have you moved into the group with your booking number, or you can call the Royal Caribbean Groups Department directly to be transferred into the Burrito Project Fundraising Group.
  • These are a few things to consider when calling or booking online.
    • Booking your cruise through the phone number above ensures you’ll automatically be included in our group booking. By joining the group booking, you’ll be supporting The Burrito Project Fundraiser.
    • When you call in, you will have an agent help answer your questions and personally book your cabin.
    • The Group Booking Agent will ensure you are getting the BEST price including any CURRENT promotions.
    • Remember to factor in the additional $64 per person for gratuities. The gratuities can be prepaid or onboard the ship.
    • I’ve done daily searches on the Royal Caribbean website, and the Group Pricing is the same or better.
    • Like on an airplane, there are upgrade options such as picking the location of your cabin on the ship. This will raise the total price of the cruise booking. If price is more important than where your cabin is on the ship, then you can let the cruise line pick your room location and save some money.
    • Remember, the cabin prices can fluctuate and are not locked in until you reserve your cabin with a $200 deposit.
    • If you have questions, be sure to give me a call or text.
    • If you book online through the Royal Caribbean website, we can still add your cabin to our group booking. All I need is your confirmed Booking Number.

How Does This Fundraising Cruise Work?

  • I am suggesting a $25 (tax-deductible) donation per person for The Burrito Project.
  • In addition to the suggested donation, a portion of your base booking fee (not including taxes, fees, and gratuities) will be donated to The Burrito Project 12 weeks after our cruise sailing date.

What Do I Get For My $25 Donation?

  • You will receive a Raffle Ticket 🎫 for our Group Raffle held on the final night of our cruise.
  • We will have FREE dance classes 💃🕺 on Saturday morning. No previous dance experience is necessary.

Can I Donate MORE Than $25?

  • Yes, of course! It’s a fundraiser after all. 🤓

If I Decide Not To Join The Cruise, Can I Still Make A Donation?

  • It would be MORE fun with YOU on the cruise, but I understand there are scheduling conflicts.
  • And YES! The Burrito Project survives and thrives through generous donations like yours. Thank You!

Where Does The Cruise Go?

  • This is a round-trip cruise leaving Los Angeles (San Pedro) on Friday, we have a sea day on Saturday, we are visiting Ensenada, Mexico on Sunday, and returning to Los Angeles early Monday morning. (See below for more details).

What Is The Daily Schedule On Ship?

  • Friday: You can check in as early as 10:30 am to start your vacation EARLY. 🍹 If you’re coming from work, make sure to check in by 2 pm. (The check-in process can take an hour or more depending on how long the queue lines are). Keep in mind that the ship usually leaves port at about 4 pm and it is recommended to be aboard ship 90 minutes BEFORE sailing.
  • Saturday: This is a Sea Day to relax and explore the ship as we sail international waters. We will offer FREE dance classes 💃🕺 for our group from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • Sunday: You’ll wake up a stone’s throw from Ensenada, Mexico. Feel free to explore Ensenada or relax on the ship. 🚢 Remember to get back on the ship by 5 pm for dinner.
  • Monday: We’re back in port early Monday morning. Allow at least an hour to disembark, pick up your luggage, and go through customs. If you need to get to work on Monday morning, you can carry your bags off the ship and start standing in line to disembark as early as 7 am.
  • If you are not in a rush to leave the ship, you can have breakfast on the ship and pick up your luggage 🧳 off the ship near Customs & Passport Control.

What Is There To Do On The Cruise?

Does The Price Include Taxes, Fees, And Gratuities?

  • DISCLAIMER: Prices are subject to change, but be assured you’ll be getting the best Group Rate possible at the time of your booking.
  • You will pay $236.06 ($118.03 per person) for Taxes and Fees on top of the base room rate.
  • If you book over the phone, you can have them add your gratuities to your total bill.
  • If you book online, most likely your gratuities will be paid while on the ship through the app.
  • Gratuities are $16 per person, per night.
  • This is a 3-night Cruise so keep in mind that gratuities are $96 per double occupancy cabin ($48 per person).
  • If you’d like to give EXTRA gratuities for exceptional service, that is awesome but not mandatory. Remember, Cash is King! 💵 👑 (I usually bring along some cash for extra tips).

How Much Does The Cruise Cost?

  • Cabin prices are now at market rate, so online pricing is the same as calling the number listed above. I like asking lots of questions, so I tend to book with a live agent. The option is yours.
  • If you would like to book online, please use the official Royal Caribbean website.
  • The prices are NOT locked in until you make your downpayment!
  • Visit this link for more details about your various room options:

Clarification About Gratuities.

  • Gratuites can sometimes be a BIG SURPRISE for First Time Cruisers. I want you to factor gratuities into the total cost of your cruise!
  • A $16.00 per guest, per day gratuity will be automatically added to each guest’s SeaPass account daily.
    • This gratuity is to be shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants, and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience.
    • Starting September 7, 2022 Gratuities are being increased from $14.50 per person, per night to $16 per person, per night.
  • Suite guests will see a $17.50 daily gratuity.
  • An 18% gratuity is also automatically added to any beverage, mini bar, spa, and salon purchases.
  • You can PREPAY your gratuities prior to boarding.
    • $64 per person, $128 per double occupancy cabin.
    • Guests who prepaid gratuities prior to boarding their cruise will not see a daily charge onboard.
  • If you choose NOT to PREPAY the gratuities, be aware you will see a gratuity charge on your account.

Is Double Occupancy The ONLY Option?

  • Double Occupancy is the most common option, but there are additional options.
  • Solo Cruisers are welcome. Keep in mind that the price for single occupancy is only slightly lower than the double occupancy price. The room cost is the same, but the gratuities, taxes, and fees are half since there is only 1 occupant in the room instead of 2 occupants.
  • Pricing for 3 or 4 occupants per room is also available. This option works great for families and close friends.

Are Bottled Water, Soda, And Alcoholic Beverages Included In The Cruise Prices Above? ☕🍵🍷🍸🍹🍺🥃🥤

Is A Drink Package Worth The Price?

  • Keep in mind there are several FREE beverage options available on the ship, such as water, iced tea, lemonade, hot tea, and coffee.
  • You can also bring 2 bottles of wine per cabin and up to 12 non-alcoholic beverages. Here is a link to the official policy:
  • Having the Deluxe Beverage Package is extremely convenient because almost all drinks are included in the beverage package, or available at a discount from listed menu prices.
  • If you are interested in alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, and spirits, many of the bars have a drink special of the day, and happy hour pricing at certain times of the day.
  • Here is a great article in favor of purchasing the drink package when it’s available at $70 per day (or less).
  • The drink packages can be a great value if you consume a lot of beverages. My basic math says the break-even point is about 5 to 6 drinks per day. How THIRSTY are you?
  • Make sure to download through the Royal Caribbean App when you book your cruise. Pre-cruise discounts are usually offered through the app & email for Upgraded Dining Offers and Beverage Packages.
  • If you have FOMO, you can always add the beverage package when you’re onboard at any bar on the ship. CHEERS! 🥂
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